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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Missing you Pacific

This post might be overly personal from what I normally do. I went online and looked at real estate in Southern California today; it’s not as ridiculous as you would think. We could find a place in south bay or Venice beach for 1100 – 1300 a month, expensive yes, but doable. There’s an odd pull for me back westward. I never felt as inspired as I did when I lived in Los Angeles. I do know that it’s not New York, and not the “art capital of the world” but it’s close. I like the climate, and the culture. I never lost my left-coaster non- chalence, but for some reason that does not go over as well here in the south.

I never learned how to surf, I’ve only been to Carnival in West Hollywood once, I never went to LACMA, only did the art crawl at the brewery twice. I want to go back, and work somewhere organic, hippyish, ride my bike to the beach, drive my hybrid in the commuter lane, goto Mosaic, walk Pasadena old town, hang a show in Long Beach, collect seashells, goto another rooftop party in downtown LA (I did that once and I felt like I was in a movie.)

So anyway, I want to move back. To all my friends in LA, I miss you all terribly. To the Pacific Ocean, it’s been too long. And to the smog, maybe I’ll take you back, maybe.


  1. ohh but a good personal one ; )

  2. miss you too, friend! come back soon!... at LEAST to visit!

  3. i think i may be the only other person here in nashville that shares your affinity for the los angeles :). i always say that leaving los angeles was my first heart break...i waited 3 1/2 years and its been far too long and i cant wait to feel like myself again. there is just something in the atmosphere over there that i know you feel and that cant really be explained. you shall find yourself there again soon im sure. and if not, dont hesitate to come visit me in san fran!