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Monday, October 19, 2009

Blog moving...

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A blog entry in three parts...

Part One:

I've been inspired recently. Not making work or anything, but simply absorbing inspiring materials. Recently went and saw "It Might Get Loud,"

Even if you don't play guitar, or if the fact they included the Edge in the movie offends you because you only listen to skinny jean hipster music, the movie itself speaks a lot about being inspired, and where the "greats" seek their inspiration. I'd highly recommend it.

Part Two:

I recently finished a series of work for my applied lighting class that I thought I'd give you a chance to look at, it's based around my parents neighborhood in Franklin, TN. You can find it here

I have an opportunity this coming thursday to photograph Paul Overstreet, and I am pretty excited about that to say the least. For those of you who, like myself have never heard of Paul... he's a Grammy winning country music artist, as well as a songwriter for various artists that we probably have heard of. You can check him out here. So we'll see how that goes

Lastly, Part Three:

I recently had a revelation at school... Something that built a degree of humility in me. I was printing work for the Westhaven series and another photo student was working on some darkroom prints. I come to find out that they're in the photo 1 class being offered this semester, and because I'm interested in what the students around school are doing I start wandering and looking over the work... Well she asks my opinion, and I start to give her some feedback and she cuts me off telling me that she already knows this, and that... (mainly to do with prints drying down). And I realized something in the way I was reacting, every time I have tried to impress upon someone how much I happen to know about photography I've alienated and irritated them. From here on out, when I am given an opportunity to talk and ask advice from a knowledgeable photographer, I'm not gonna waste my energy to impress upon them the extent of my knowledge... It's not important, for them to know what I know... It's important to sit under their tutelage and absorb whatever they're willing to share with me. To be clear, I'm not trying to say that I am some great photographer and this person should have listened to me, but I wish it hadn't felt like they wanted me to know, that they know something... Does that make sense?