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Friday, May 22, 2009

Lydia Panas

Here's some work from Lydia Panas, very, very interesting portraiture. I've included her statement as well:

"These photographs explore who we are and how we see ourselves. With these pictures, I try to describe the stories we reveal. I invite people to move through my landscape. They stand in front of the camera. I watch to see what happens.

My subjects are people I know; family, friends, and acquaintances. I look at the details. I watch their postures, their gestures and glances. It is a combination of strength and vulnerability that makes me respond. They are complex emotions that guide us. Sometimes what we try to conceal is the most revealing. I am interested in what we know but do not see, as the familiar becomes commonplace.

Relationships are complicated. We are at our best when we are learning who we are. My intention with this series is to show us ourselves."

Here's her site.


  1. I broke down and got a blog. I like this work a lot. Especially the last two.
    It almost seems choreographed but, her artist statement made it seem like they weren't. Their body language is so interesting to compare & contrast.

    On another note, congratulations for making it through Maymester with your insanity intact. See you at the reception if not sooner!

    And have fun with your friends this weekend.

  2. ohhh I really like her photos. They're already interesting to begin with but add her artist statement and they just get better.