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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lighting Glass.

My most recent lighting assignment at school was to light glass two separate ways... The first was what's called light field, being that the glass itself is backlit and traditionally has black edging along the glass to define the shape. The second way was dark field, which is exactly the opposite of the first, the glass is placed in front of a dark card, or backdrop and light is shot at the side effectively "accenting" the sides of the glass giving it white edges and a darker center.

My first pictures is the light field, critique I've gotten thus far from other sites is that the background overwhelms the subject, and the water reflects the softbox placed behind it and doesn't allow the edge of the table to be seen in the water. Suggestions I've gotten would be to put ice in it, or whiskey, or something to break up the whiteness. Anyway, here ya go.

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The second image is the dark field, and the critiques I've gotten so far in regards to it are simply that the bottle is too dark and gets lost in the background, possible ideas would be to push it off the background a little and back light it as well (accenting the color of the whiskey since that's what I would be trying to sell with the image) another idea was to light it from underneath giving it a slight amber glow. We'll see I definitely want to re-try both of these in the relativly near future.

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But overall I'm proud of these, I'm really learning the basics and looking forward to having some time to experiment and see what I can come up with. Summer for me is going to be some time for me to work on this stuff, build some self promotion work and see what I can come up with.

Thanks guys.


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