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Thursday, March 26, 2009


You know, life is hard just normally... Houses, bills, school, relationships, whatever. But when you factor in a psyche based around volatile emotions, where someone as an artist feels, simply feels. Artistic expression bottles-necks like traffic in LA. When I want to be working on something, when I want to be photographing something, I don't see anything. I'm artistically constipated.

I did nothing today, I woke up, showered, went to Crema, sat, came home, put on my work-out clothes, didn't work out, ate a pizza, watched Will Ferrel, went to church, came home, here I am. I mean it's my fault, but its hard... *sigh* anyway, nuff bitching. Tomorrow, two pictures, new lens, new dishwasher, I'll run, I'll work on my paper, photo meeting... Tomorrow will make up for today.

Thanks guys...


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