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Friday, July 17, 2009

The greats.

So, when I started this blog, I was writing primarily and showing primarily the new, young artists out there. I think this is valuable, however at this point in my career I think it's vastly more important to look at the past and present masters. I am not going to write about any individuals tonight.

I am however going to talk a little about a movie I watched this morning. Meet the Robinsons. Yes, it's Disney kids movie, but I was overwhelmed and slightly misty eyed at the inherit theme throughout the movie. The story is about a young boy that loves to create inventions, and through many crazy capers and silly antics he's shown that anyone can accomplish anything if they just keep trying and "moving forward." I deeply believe that we are capable of great things, and it's the human nature of our's that allows us to settle for the average. Anyway, we could use more "entertainment" that had messages like this.


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