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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Alan George

Another one from my archive,

This is Alan George. I think the reason I was initially drawn to him as an artist, is because he did two thirds of my "soft-life-plan" in that he lived in Nashville, and then moved to California. His work is really interesting first a couple from his Domesticated series, which is a study of plants domesticated for human use, which echo conditions in the larger context of the relationship between human and nature:

And secondly his work about Lower Alabama:

This series of images is a reexamination of a landscape that is both familiar and foreign to me. Having grown up in the south eastern part of the US, I am now just a yearly visitor. As the years have passed, this landscape seems more and more foreign and not identifiable as part of me as it once was. We all change over time, some more than others I imagine, but I don't think you can live life and not be affected, changed in someway over time. "We are the sum of our experiences", perhaps. Time has passed and experiences have accumulated, I am now a stranger in this landscape, I am changed in some fundamental way.

(Images Courtesy of Alan's Site)

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