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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Found Imagery

So, my Dad was looking through a box of old photos the other day and found a little negative envelope from the 70/80's. Inside was a single 35mm negative of my Great, great, great Grandfather Peter Shapiro. The only other time I've seen this photo was on my Grandpa's bookshelf in his old room back in CA. The story is that Peter was a Rabbi in Poland, and owned a butcher shop. Peter used to steal horses across the German (?) border and bring them back, and sell them as beef. So... Peter was a Rabbi and a Horse Thief. I really love my Jewish history even though I don't practice it, and technically didn't inherit it.

The quality's kinda bad, I think this is a photograph of a photograph. They didn't have 35mm film when Grandpa Peter was alive.

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  1. Wow, awesome! And you should totally get into practicing Judaism as a part of your faith. It's incredible how much more alive Christianity becomes through the celebrations of the feasts!