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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another New Start

So as some of you might know, this is the third blog I've started with hopes of being a regular member of the blogging community. The first was personal, the second was going to be the memoirs of an art student, and now this, the third, is going to be whatever it needs to be. I want somewhere to display my photos since now Facebook owns all pictures ever put up there... ever... I want somewhere to write a poem, or thoughts, or rant about the news...

So lets see what happens.

To start, I went to Atlanta with some friends over Valentines Day, it was the first real day of shooting with my Diana camera, for those of you who don't know what a Diana is look here.

But, I wanted to show you my images, I'm thrilled with them. What I like about the Diana is that it allows you to really forget about photography, softness is encouraged, focus is optional, grain is awesome... Some of my negatives even have chemical stains from when I developed them and... it's awesome! I'm not sweating it at all. For those that care, this was Illford HP5+ film, developed in HC-110 at the manufacturers N. I'm testing out Fuji Neopan 400 next, so we'll see which I like the most. Here's the photos:

My friends Aaron and Moxie

This one was with the new Pinhole feature on the new Diana+
I'm a HUGE pinhole photography fan.

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